Keystone Catfishing July 27, 2009

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Went fishin with Larry, his son Carey, and Carey's sons Parker and Cade today. We were catching some fish and one of the rods bent over and it was Cade's turn at bat. The little second grader had been bypassed a couple times previously as he was a little reluctant to touch one of the rods I think, but his dad, Carey seen a rod get a hit and he said Cade, what are you ... a chicken butt? Cade said but dad ... "Chicken Butt, didn't see one get hit" .... I about swallered my Copenhagen. 

The fish were very inactive in the deeper water over on the Cimarron side this evening and I messed up by getting off the active fish in the shallow waters and tried to put them on some bigguns. Ended up with only about 9 fish total as they couldn't stay out for the full 6 hours of fishin. Could have probably went back up to the shallows and caught another 8 or 9 in that last couple of hours but it just wasn't meant to be.

This is Parker holding up a nice blue about 7 lbs.
His brother Cade A.K.A. "Chicken Butt" on the right