Kaw Catfishing July 1, 2012

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with the Neal Family this evening. Mike got this trip for his Dad's Birthday, Juard is his name. Pronounced "gerard" and his grandson Juardon "Jordan" along with Juard's other son, Kendrick. We had a great trip catching 20 fish and missing quite a few ... one of which was about 15 lbs that Ken had next to the boat and Tiny ran off and forgot his dipnet at home so we were having to use the catfish grips to put them into the boat. Mike was operating the grips and lost Ken's biggun of the night and we harassed him the rest of the night hahhaha. 7 of the 20 fish was over 10 lbs each up to the biggest at 15 lbs.

Kendrick with the first nice one about 13 lbs

Mike with one at 14 lbs

Mike with the biggun of the night at 15 lbs