Keystone Catfishing July 29, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

I'll try to tell ya bout tonight's fishing trip but I don't think I can ... it was just too funny all night long. First rattle outta the box we got Rory and Tiny can't hardly pronounce the name Rory so I knew who I was going to mess with all night ... I pronounced his name Row Ree ... that's the best I could do.... I said I'm gonna change your name to something I can pronounce because I was thinkin this is silly ... grown up man such as myself can't even pronouce a feller's name. I started calling him Skippy. Well, it escallated from there. Row Ree was reeling a fish in and I was giving him some static just joking around like I do and Rory says ... hey, You need to pick on someone your own size and there isn't anyone that damned big in this boat .... ya fat Effer. The whole crew just went into temporary laughter shock ... I don't think any one of us could function properly there for a minute or three ... I can't remember the other stuff that went on but we had a great time ... it was a blast ... we caught 37 fish all together with an average of near 4 lbs each. We didn't get any bigguns but we were in the right spots for them.

Chris trying to teach the catfish how to smoke.

First round of fish. 20 fish

Second round, 16 fish.

Here's the gang, Rory, Sam and Chris