Keystone Catfishing June 19, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

This was a fishing trip to remember for a long time ... we didn't catch a lot of fish but I was laughing so much and so often that my cheeks were getting cramps in um, I about rubbed my cheeks raw tonight trying to get the cramps out. The fish were biting on fresh shad heads only tonight and the fish was really scattered .. the most we caught from each spot was probably 3 fish and then nothing. The first two or three stops were dry runs but then we found a few and stared working that pattern the rest of the night. We were teasing Pam about having to stay until 7am and she thought we were serious ... I told her this yarn about I guarantee 50 lbs but down there in the fine print it says "we don't leave until we've caught 50 lbs" hahaha ... she thought I was serious too but we got close by about midnight. We overloaded the bait tank and all the shad had died by about 11pm except for just a few and we caught fish on those last few fresh shad we had and then went in. It was a great trip with great company.

Pam with a nice blue about 5 lbs.

Pam and Jeff with their catch of 12 bluecat.