Keystone Catfishing June 30, 2006

Tiny's Guide Service

Rick told me that he wanted to target channelcat tonight so I put my channelcat thinkin cap on and remembered a bunch of good places I'd caught quite a good percentage of channelcat and we started out pretty good on the channelcat at the second spot we stopped we caught a couple and then moved up a little and caught one or two but the action is still a little too slow so we pick up and move further down into this little oxbow type area along the shore and it seemed like we had more channelcat than we had blues but then we started catching nothing but blues up in my channelcat territory and none off the place that I'd originally thought would be a good spot ... I don't even think we got a hit there and then we moved on up the shore line and caught one there... it was about a 3+ lb channel and then we went back to the area we'd kinda started at except further north where we caught a few more blues and by that time it was getting pretty late. Didn't seem like it was all that long as I was feeling pretty good and the time musta been flying by because before we knew it it was 2:30 am. We ended up with 5 or 6 channels with 13 total fish. Due to technical difficulty we couldn't get a picture of the fishermen ... maybe Rick can email some to me. There was a small mishap on this night when Tiny grabbed a rod to set the hook and ripped the rod holder slick outta the receiver hitch ... talk about feeling stupid ... I sure wish it woulda been Chris that done it ... I coulda ragged on him ... well I take that back .. I did rag on him about it for a while sayin stuff like "I can't believe you ripped my rod holder off, Chris!" Tonight was a lot of fun with really great people.

There's one in the ice chest.