Keystone Catfishing June 1, 2009

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Took my sponsors from fishin today. Gerald Hatcher, his girlfriend Rebecca, Geralds son Nick, and his mom, Gene and my cousin Roy. We didn't have but a couple hours to fish so I called my buddy at Shawn and he got me headed in the right direction. I may have been where he was tellin me about but not too sure ... didn't see many fish around there but shawn said he didn't see them on the electronics either so that helped me out a bunch ... I was expecting to see them like I had before ... all bunched up and ready to rumble. We fished from 6pm to a little past 8pm ... the bite started to slow about 8 and I went to plug my lights in and they didn't work so we had to skeedaddle. We kept 16 fish .. the bigguns that weren't fatally hooked we turned back and about 10 that were fairly small about 2 to 3 lbs. We kept a few of the bigguns that were gill and gut hooked but I wanted to turn those bigguns back that we could to leave them for my hybrid catchin friends. Thanks Shawn for the help. I think I was in the spot you told me about but not sure ... we caught a bunch of fish in just a couple hours around there. some people pulled up next to us to try to catch some but they didn't seem to be catchin anything. I got them to bite by chummin right close to the boat with little bitty pieces of cut shad that had gotten hit and killed so I used them to get the fish wound up ... we got something like 7 rods out and then I chummed the area and it got really crazy after that first fish in the top photo cause I chummed just after that one and we got 4 on at once and three of them were over 20 inches. biggest was 25 inches today. The other bigguns were 24 to 22 inches ... there was 6 of them. The ones we kept were right at 18 and 19 inches with a few around 15 inches. It was a pretty wild 2 hours of fishin. If any of ya'll want to go catch a mess of hybrids like these give ole Shawn Watkins a call at the web address above. His phone number is at the bottom of his front page.

Nick with the first fish of the day

The next fish came 4 at once ... the other one is in the floor cause it was about 17 inches or so
Left to right, Nick, Gerald and Roy

Gerald's mom Gene with a nice hybrid

Rebecca with her biggest of the day