June 26, 2004 Keystone Dam Catfishing

I went to the dam yesterday (july 1)and seen Jeremy, Christian, Marie and Chris Noll ... Chris asked me if I'd gotten the picture he'd sent me of Jeremy and Christian's catch the other day and I hadn't because the sbcglobal email seems to be filtering a lot of stuff out... but later on the whole time I was fishin Jeremy was braggin bout how well they was biting and I sed I ain't wantin to hear it ... and he just kept rubbin and kept rubbin and I looked back towards marie and sed he ain't gonna shut up is he? I can't remember her answer or even know if she heard me but he eventually did hahaha ... was a really nice catch and I'm proud for ya'll .. ya'll knowed I was layed up with my leg and you was tryin to make me jealous but now I'm really green with envy hahaha Jeremy and Christian with their catch on 6/26/04 ... biggest was 29 lbs and the rest was between 8 and 15 lbs.