River Catfishing June 10, 2003

Got to fish with Ben today ... had a great time! We also got to see Robert save a little boy from drowning whilst his father wasn't paying any attention to his children. We were all getting nervous about them kids playing right at the water's edge .. especially over by the retainer wall where it's a straight drop-off for about 12 to 14 ft. Robert went over and shewed him away from that deep water earlier and then the boy was playing next to the water again only about 5 ft from where his father was fishing and he fell in the water. His big sister hollered and before I even got up Robert was in the water retrieving the young boy ... Robert is my hero now and it was kinda sad and I told him that I was sad cause I'm not gonna be able to mess with him no more.... he sed yeah right! ... I sed well okay I lied ... you've got a one week grace period though hehehe. Nice goin, Robert "The LifeGuard" McBride!

Ben and a nice channelcat ... ben caught a couple of others but we didn't get a photo of those. Robert tried to reel a few in but wasn't having much success today. I guess he was pacing himself :)
Let's take another look at Robert in one of his finest hours.