March 10, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing

Tiny's Guide Service

Guided trip with Dave, Jim and Paul. We started out looking for shad and they were a little tough to find but we found about 20 or so so we decided to go fishin for a while and rest up from throwing the net. First place we stopped we started catching fish pretty quickly and then we hit another hole and we had to go make another bait run. We found some nice big shad on the second go round and then hit a few places that didn't do too well ... then we ran up river as far as we could get but the current was pretty strong up there and I figured that they fish weren't up there in that stronger current so we pulled back a ways and picked up a few more then the last place we stopped we picked up several more and one of those was the 13.14 and they were talking about their lines and they hadn't run them so I said we could run them if they wanted so we took off over to their lines and they ran two of them and got quite a gob of fish off them ... we cleaned fish forever it seemed like hahaha. They asked me if I wanted some and by then I was sick of messin with fish so I declined the offer ... thanks but no thanks cause I didn't want to mess with um when I got home. I was tuckered plum out. I'm glad I got a few days off to recuperate. I think the net throwing got me worse than the rest of it and then when we were headed over to run their lines we went across a truck load of shad ... I was thinkin that's about right. Good fun with good friends ... these were a great bunch to go fishin with. Jim with a 16 lb blue
Dave with one 13 lbs 14oz
These are one of the stringers we caught on rod and reel ... the other stringer is behind the center console ... we ran out of room for all the fish and we had them anywhere they landed.
Some trotline blues. Dave Jim and Paul had three lines set and we ran two of them before we came home ... we was cleanin fish for a while.
More trotline cats.