Tiny's Catfishing March 3, 2013

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Fished with Justin and his son Gabriel along with Gabe's Great Grand Father Melvin and friend John. We did a trophy trip today and caught some nice fish. Landing around 400 lbs total and releasing 5 bigguns.

Gabe posing with John and his first nice fish of the day at 21 lbs

Melvin with a nice one about 15 lbs

John and another nice one

Justin and Melvin in an action shot

One of the nice doubles of the day
Justin on the left with his 23 lb'r and melvin on the right with one at 15

Gabe posing with his biggest of the day

Now these unsportsmanlike rascals stopped right on top of two of my lines out the back of the boat
I hollered at them and said you're over two of my lines and they never moved so I casted a
line out on the left side of thier boat and then on the right side
Do you think they moved ... NOPE!!! we had to move.
There's about 26,000 acres or more of water out there and they have to park right on top of me.
People are getting to be real lowlifes when they'll do someone like that.
I'm don't think my party was too disappointed because the place they ran us off of was starting to play out anyhow
and when we located more fish there was a bunch of them with several bigguns in the mix
When all was said and done we caught about 15+ fish on the next spot and several was bigguns. hehehe