Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 5, 2016

Tiny's Guide Service

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Tiny got to fish with some fine young fishermen today... We did a trip last year but we beat that one all to death on this trip. Fished with Clay and his son Blake and friends Lane and his son Kyle today. When we got in the boat young master Blake was giving Tiny the Stank-eye and I said "What???" Blake said I wore my water proof shoes today so you can't get my feet wet like you did on the last trip and my feet freezing all day long. I said well I don't see how I should be blamed for that ... He said you used a water hose to do it. Then my memory came flashing back ... I did fill his shoes with water as sort of a drive-by accident lack of flow control direction hahaha.... oh I remember that ... sorry dude. Clay said he's like his mother on holding grudges ...

Here's Blake "SoggyBottom" Baker with the first nice one of the day

Kyle with the first throwback at about 16 lbs

Here's Kyle and Wetfoot with a nice double Wetfoot's was 18 lbs

This was Kyle's biggun of the day at 17