Keystone Catfishing March 06, 2010

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When Kevin and his crew pulled up to my pickup this morning ... I said hey ... you guys can't go with me ... a look came over Kevin's face that told me there were several things running through his mind right then. Lots of emotion all welled up inside him it seemed with that "deer in the headlights" look. hahaha ...(the look said a couple of things to me ... like hey man ... we drove a long ways and spent the night in a motel along with the feeling that he was thinkin, I'm gonna get outta this little car and whup yer big butt, mister. hahaha. that's just what I kinda felt with my super spidey senses) after a short pause he said ... "how come" I said because of that car you're driving ... I'm prejudiced against those little economy cars and the men who drive them ... (still had the look on his face) then I started laughing and said I'm just messin with ya and then a look of relief and then one of "why ya wanna do me that way, man!!!" hahaha. just hadda been there, sorta thing. First rattle out of the box this morning we slammed a triple and caught several fish real quick and then the bite died off so we moved and caught a couple ... ended up with about 140 lbs of fish ... 22 total. After I got done cleaning the fish I tutored Brent on the fine arts of castnet throwing. It took all of about 10 minutes and he was throwing a 10 ft net like a pro. He was a real quick study. About anyone can learn this method of net throwing in just a few minutes. But Brent was exceptional even though he was a little reluctant to attempt the net throwing ... I finally talked him into it and he was floating that net open almost perfectly by his second throw.

Right off the bat we caught a triple Jim, Kevin and Brent is they names ... biggun there weighed
about 13 lbs ... can't remember what it weighed for sure

Jim caught this nice blue at 11 lbs

Brent with a snakey lookin blue... this blue was almost 30" long but he only weighed about 11 lbs