Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 6, 2013

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We did a trophy trip today with Jim and his sons, Jake and David. Had a really great time with calm to no winds and that made for a very comfortable day out on the water after we got above freezing. We ended up catching 6 or 7 above 20 lbs with one 30 lb'r. A 30.0 lb, 26.5 lb, 28.0 lb and 22.14 lb and a couple right at 20 ... now these weights are just my guess at what they were as I'm not sure now as to the weights after the long drive home and hard day of fishing. Too many fish to keep track of too. hahaha. 

David and Jake early into the fishing trip on the first double, action shot

David and his first nice one at 13+

Jake and his first nice one around 25 lbs

22.14 lbs

Jake and the biggun of the day at just over 30 lbs

28+ lbs

David and his biggun of the day at 16.14 lbs

And another David caught around 14 lbs