Keystone Catfishing March 7, 2010

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Fished with some of my Notebooker friends ... today was Derik's birthday ... happy birthday Derik ... hope you had a good time. Bob "danceswithgars", J.D. "StriperJunkie" and Derik the birthday boy "dgeddings" went out with me today. Weather was great ... fish were coin-operating and we had a blast. That J.D. was a character and a half. I'm not thinking too good right now but I could make one of the funniest stories that I'd ever posted on here if I could remember just a quarter of the stuff that he'd said. hahaha. J. D. caught the biggun of the day at 14.5 lbs but since we were going to turn it loose and it was hurting my back holding it up all I could think about was getting rid of that rascal so I dumped him right back off in the lake. I turned around and started getting the rod ready to cast back out and I looked at J.D. with my befuddled look and said ... we didn't take a picture of that fish you just caught ... boy howdy ... I'm losing my grip, I think. hahaha. I took so many pictures of fish about 10 lbs and over that I've forgotten what any of them weighed so I'll just post their names.

Bob with a nice one

Birthday boy Derik in an action shot reeling a nice bluecat into the boat

J.D. getting in on the action

Derik with a goodern

J.D. acting like he's "all that"

J.D. and Bob with a double

Derik with another one

J.D. and Derik with a double

Total for the day was 27 fish ... We cleaned 24 of them