Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 7, 2014

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Fished with the Herrara Crew today. Make-up trip from last year when I hadda bail out on them from my wife going to the hospital and boy did we make it up. We caught over 300 lbs with the biggest being around 20 lbs. We had a blast out there also with these guys .. great sense of humor and they brought a special feller with um this time named Bodine. hahaha. He was something else now. Had a whole new outlook on life and just things in general ... I couldn't understand what he was saying most of the time even though he was speaking English... he didn't have any accent other than southern Coon-Arse style and allowed he was from Georgia so that'd explain that but I just couldn't understand, hahaha. I'm just kiddin as I gave him a hard time all day yesterday so I might as well give him some hard times here too. He was a lot of fun messin with as we gave him a lot of grief over missing fish but I didn't tell him it wasn't his fault as the baits I was using was very large so that we'd catch nice sized fish and the smaller fish could only just hit the baits but not get them all the way in their mouths ... at one point he missed like 5 in a row and I think he was thinking that he mussa been the worst fisherman ever. hahaha. He sure lit up towards the end of the trip when he caught himself a biggun though. I didn't think it was going to happen however so I had him pose with one of Steve or Pat's fish in order to get him on the web page but then just minutes after that he landed a biggun himself. hahaha. We ended up having to release 7 bigguns as they had their limit of 30 inch fish early on.  The following day we were supposed to go out again but the weather on the 8th was way too brutal. High of 37 which was only going to happen around 5 pm and the weather main allowed it's supposed to be a wind chill of 22 to 24 all day long. They brought their own boat and some of them went out on the lake but I looked at the weather and seen the winds up around 25 mph so I called Steve to see if they were okay. He allowed they were freezing. Gotta admire that kind of dedication!

Steve with the first nice fish of the day at about 13 lbs

Anthony with the biggun of the day at 20

Pat with his personal best catch ever. 17 lbs

The famous Bodine posing with Steve's fish

Then he doubles up with Anthony catching a nice one of his own