Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 7, 2015

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Went to Kaw yesterday and worked my butt off and caught one little ole channelcat. Today we went to Oologah and tore them up pretty good catching over 20 fish with the biggest at 15 lbs. First trip to Oologah this year or winter I should say and it was a learning trip so they got to see first hand how tiny locates fish on a new lake and we talked about fish location and everything else. I think they'll do really well from now on. Dan caught the biggun of the day. Jeff and Stan caught nice ones as well. Ole Stan was a rowdy rascal ... each time he got the chance he'd poke tiny with a sharp talkin bout mississippi whites and other fictitious creatures ... I think he spotted a sasquatch and three aliens while we was out on the lake too. I think there's something in the water up there in Kansas making folks see things what ain't real. Who knows ... maybe he's et too much mercury in the past. hahaha. Just kiddin ... Stan made it for a fun trip as well as the other guys too .. we laughed and joked around all day. 

Stan with a nice 12 lb blue

Jeff with a 10 lb

Dan with the biggun of the day at 15