Keystone Catfishing March 9, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Tommy and Stephanie Longest today. It was a great day on the water but the fishing was a little slow .. we caught 16 fish total with three around 11 lbs. They had a little competition going and Stephanie was wuppin up on him pretty badly but Tommy kinda pulled up to even in the 4th quarter but Stephanie still had the biggest fish by 2 oz's hahaha. it was a lot of fun. Weather was pretty great and we even got a sunburn today. The winds was what was kinda holding us back cause with dead calm winds it is sometimes pretty tough fishing especially after a nasty cold front comes through just a couple days before. Water temp when we first started fishing was 39 degrees but warmed to 49 by the time we were done fishing.

Stephanie with the biggun of the day at 11 lbs 8 oz

Tommy with his first nice blue

Tommy with his biggun of the day at 11 lbs 6 oz

Another nice one at 10 lbs 12 oz