Kaw Catfishing March 9, 2012

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Fished with Brad and Kace (pronounced "casey") today, Had a great day catching over 350 lbs of fish even though we'd had the front come through the day before and then the east wind most of the day .... when the wind switched to out of the east I didn't mess around with the blues too much after they shut down pretty badly and switched to channelcat fising and we sacked up about 30 channels and then the wind switched to out of the southeast and we started catching blues again. It was a strange day weather-wise but we knocked um dead. I forgot most of the weights as we caught so many but had to throw 3 or more back due to limiting out . caught around 42 fish today, total.

Kace with what looks like the biggun of the day at 16 lb's

Brad reeled these two in back to back

Action shot of a double ... Kace is reeling one in on the other side of Brad