Keystone Catfishing March 10, 2010

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Fished with Dan, Kurt, Kyle and Ron today. Ron said that he was a wanted man and didn't want to get his photo taken so I said just hold the fish up in front of your face and that'll make it so I don't have to edit the photo. What I shoulda said is ... Hey ... I'm a bounty hunter. hahaha. The weather was terrible and wasn't anything like the weather men said it was going to be. We got out there and the wind was straight out of the east. Then it switched out of the west and started raining and then it switched out of the south and blew us off the lake. We about took a wave or two over the bow so I said that's it fellers ... we gotta quit. It was getting close to time to go in anyhow. These guys were the most cordial or sharing group of guys I'd ever been out with ... a fish would get on and they'd say ... do you want that one? no you get it ... are you sure? sure I'm sure ... no you get it ... it's your turn I think ... no you get it. I've been out with some that'd give people an elbow check right to the teeth hahaha. Wasn't but a couple of fish that might have been missed by the sharing spirit they were in. We ended up with only 7 fish with two of them being pretty nice fish. Was a lot of fun even though it was a tough day ... talkin bout bobby walker and what not hahaha. was your ears ringing bobby?

Ron with a 10 lb channelcat ... whopper of a big ole male channelcat

Dan with a nice blue about 13 or 14 lbs