Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 11, 2015

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Fished with Jerry, Karen and Bill today. Started out like gang busters catching a 16.4 and a 22.8 right off the get-go and then nothing ... couldn't get anything to bite after the wind switched out of the east and then found some active fish that wasn't effected by it and tore them up pretty good. Caught 17 total not counting the net full of keeper sized crappie I caught in my net... the first net full was over 100 ten to 12 inch and bigger crappie and then the second net full was crappie and drum with one large shad in the bunch. Finally caught some shad down in 35 ft water but I was getting tired of hearing Karen crying when I kept turning all those big crappie back hahaha. Then she caught two throwback when we first start fishing and I thought we was gonna have to give her some cousiling or therapy sessions before the trip was over cause everything was being thrown back. In the first pic you can see the first batch of crappie I'd caught and just let them out of the net after I got a photo... I couldn't pick them up without tearing my net as there was over 100 lbs of crappie in the net ... you can see only the ones on the outter edge of the photo as I didn't get a very good pic.

Karen's first fish 16.4

second fish just minutes later, 22.8