Keystone Catfishing March 12, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a couple of TFF'rs come up and fish with me today. Winds were dead calm the last time out and I think they were hitting near 30 mph today(I just checked the weather history for today and we had up to 36mph winds, sheesh! hahaha). It was tough out there and fishing was even tougher trying to stay on the windblown side of the lake was killing me. We were over on the windblown side in a little eddy area and Dan hooked a nice one that woulda been an easy 20+ lbs and we got several looks at him but right when I said "that'll make a nice photo" boink! the hook was right in the roof of his mouth and he rolled over and his mouth was open and the sinker came right at poor dan. We all goes "OOOOH NOOOO!!!" or something to that effect hahaha. They weren't keeping any fish so I don't remember how many we caught ... wasn't all that many but maybe around 8 to 10 fish with a couple that were pretty good ones. We found a few on the not so windy side of the lake due to the southern winds we had day before but they weren't none too thick up there. We caught about 3 channels in the mix and they were pretty good channels at about 3 to 5 lbs.

Paul with a nice un bout 6 or 7 lbs

Dan with a 9 lb 8 oz mississippiiiiiii What

Dan with another Mississippiiiiii What bout 12 lbs 9 oz