Keystone Catfishing March 12, 2011

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Had a FANTABULOUS fishing trip today. I had the pleasure of fishing with A young lady named Darkess (cool name, huh?!!) Anyhow she was quite a pleasure to fish with and sharp as a tack. She had us laughing all day long with her little quips. She'd relay the countdown for me to the fish. I'd say okay let's give um a 2 minute countdown and she spoke to the fish saying "Okay fish ... suck it up and get busy" hahaha and it worked pretty well too cause it'd seem like she had them fish biting on command. She'd also work mom and paw paw over pretty good on those doubles too ... she'd reel in a biggun and they'd have a 2 to 3 lb'r on ... first one of the doubles she said okay paw paw ... hold your's up and lets do a comparison. hahaha ... talk about "rubbin it in" hahaha.