Keystone Catfishing March 13, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Carl and Lynn again today. We did a sum better this time with 20 fish caught. She whupped up on Carl pretty badly except in one category and that was the biggest fish but everywhere else she thumped him pretty good. Carl would get one on and get it almost to the boat and pop ... there it'd go then he missed some on his rods and Lynn would be tied up with something like another rod or out of position and he'd grab her rod and he'd lose her's hahaha ...was really good fun giving Carl a bad time. Lynn seemed to really enjoy that part for some reason hahaha. She was up on him something like 8 or 9 to 1 at one point and then he started catching some about the last two hours or so. Was a great day ... 20 fish that averaged about 5 lbs each with the biggest 4 around 10+. I think the biggest two were 11.9 and 11.4 or something like that. Cut shad .. water temp 62 to 65 degrees .. westerly wind.

Carl with his biggun.

Lynn with her biggun.

Total catch for the day.