Keystone Catfishing March 13, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with a great couple from up OKC, David and E.J. Smith. We had a reall great day with near perfect weather. The fish were also cooperating a little as we caught 10 fish and called it a day around 2ish as they had to make a run to Dallas tomorrow so that's gonna be a long trip. E.J. and David were a lot of fun as they were bantering and smack talkin at one another just a bit ... well I guess it was E.J. that was doing most of that. David was figuring to get whupped up on in the fishing deptartment but he held his own. He actually landed the biggun of the day at 12+. Mostly all quality fish as the majority were around 7 and 8 lbs. They had a little trouble negotiating the equipment at first as I guess they were used to spinning gear which is a hard transition to make all at once. They did great though. Not too many missed fish but there were a few at first but then they started knocking them down. I started changing over to circle hooks as that would have matched their fishing style somewhat better I thought but David started landing a good percentage of his bites with the regular octopus hooks so I didn't get around to changing any of his out as I'd just got E.J.'s changed and we left shortly after that. We found one good group of fish and that was about it as they're jacking around with the lake level right now and it's raising at about a foot per day with no real influx of fresh rain water and with the erratic weather patterns we've been having lately it was a little tough. Fish were suspended in deep water so it's always a little tough to catch those. Good day though with great folks.

E.J. with her biggun of the day at around 10+ lbs

David with his biggun of the day at 12+