Keystone Catfishing March 14, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Doug and his son Douglas and his daughter Carly. Had a really good time messin with the kids today. We hit one spot and Douglas had three in the bottom of the boat that went over 10 lbs average and then two others real quick ... Carly got a couple on that spot too about 3 or 4 lbs and one about 7ish. the rest of the day was pretty slow as we would get on fish and they'd be slow to bite. The kids were giving dad a hard time too, the younguns was saying stuff about dad ... don't touch none of them poles else we won't catch nuttin, hahaha or maybe that was dad sayin that. Then Carly would give out a giggle like she was getting away with something, Anyhow, it was all great fun. The average size of the fish was up there pretty good today too ... 11 in the boat and they had to release a little flathead that Carly caught ... was just a pup. Tiny caught one about 7 lbs in the thrownet this morning too ... Carly acted as though she was heart broken when we hadda turn it back.