Keystone Catfishing March 15, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

What a cold and windy day it was today. Fished with Alan, Krista, Colton and the birthday girl, Haley today. We caught shad and then boated the cold 5 or 6 miles up river to find several suspended fish over on the north side but with the winds out of the north that was kinda the place we wanted to be ... I went out into the flats and found fish and we caught two really quick but we couldn't stand the cold wind so I suggested we go over on the north side and just see if we couldn't catch some over there ... it'd certainly be a lot more comfortable over there with the trees blocking the wind and they were all for that. Staying a little bit warmer seemed to take precedence over  the fish catchin anyhow. I'd shown Alan a couple of fish location methods as that's what they came down for anyhow, I guess, and we spent a lot of the day over in the protected areas trying to catch what fish we seen over there but catching suspended fish after a nasty front moves through is almost impossible. We ended up with 8 or 9 I think with the biggest around 7 lbs. Haley and Colton caught a double over on the flats where most of the fish were today and we'd have caught a lot of fish over there I think but we just couldn't handle it. I know I sure couldn't but would have if that's what they'd wanted to do. I only got a couple of photos. Photos of the kid's first fish of the day. We called it quits around 3 or so and they still had over two hours or so left to fish and by the time I'd got the fish cleaned and boat loaded the sun came out and wind died down and temp shot up there pretty good. By the time I was out on the highway the air temp was in the mid 50's. Don't that just beat all.

Haley with her first fish of the day

Colton with his first