Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 15, 2014

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Had a fishing trip with good friend Pat Evans ... a for funsies trip and it was fun for as long as it lasted ... we caught two limits of fish in 2.5 hours ...it seemed to take me as long to clean the fish as it did to catch them. hahaha... the ole boy I tried to get to reschedule his trip a while back shoulda done it because we could have caught 4 limits of fish pretty easily during this time frame. The fish are biting like crazy. Poor ole Pat was worn plum out as I didn't reel in any of the fish ... we were hooking up 4 at a time too. I'd go ahead and hook them real good and set the rod back in the holder and net the fish for him and tend to them while he would go to another rod and reel that one ... rinse lather and repeat. hehehe.

For some reason I've yet to figure out, I've been unable to edit my web page as my frontpage editor has been saying "unable to write to file" when I'd try to save the template to make a new page but for some reason if I don't add the photos it works okay every time. Figured that out on this page as I forgot and left my camera in the pick-up so I didn't get any photos but went ahead and decided to give a report if possible and I tried it several times without photos and it worked okay every time so I've got some figuring out to get did.

We caught a 22 lb'r and a 19 lb, 18 lb 8 oz, 17 and some 15 lb'rs... we turned back 5 as we limited out on the 30 inchers right off the bat so we caught 35 fish in that 2.5 hours .. it was some crazy action. We ended up with almost 8 gallons of fillets too. They were nice average size too.