Keystone Catfishing March 16, 2010

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Fished with Darrell and his son Torre along with their good friend Penn. We had us a slow day but we managed to catch 16 pretty nice fish today even though the bite was off. Several folks have been out there since I was out there last on saturday when we caught only 12 fish after that monster day of 350 lbs in 4 hours of fishing. What I heard was most everyone was having a tough time catching fish. I eased up river and didn't see any fish up there so I knew they'd fallen back from where they were a few days ago and we found some that were feeding slowly so we stayed on those fish after drawing a blank in several spots early on. I went and took them channelcat fishing when I pretty much gave up on the blues but then landed some nice blues while channelcat fishin. I figured I'd get them a pretty good mess of fish and then go in search of nicer fish later on but when I seen that there were no fish up river we dropped back and stayed glued on the slow feeding fish which worked out pretty well ... caught about one fish every 20 minutes which isn't too bad on a day like today.

Torre with the biggun of the day at 13 lbs
Ole 16 year old Torre is a little shy but he's a fish catchin' machine

Penn ain't shy at all and he's pretty good
at the fishin thing too ... here he is holding up his 9 lb blue

Now Darrell was letting his boy do most of the fish catching today and I remembered
that I hadn't got a pic of his big fish of the day yet so I went through
the livewell trying to remember which one was his I gave up and said here
... hold up Torre's fish we need a pic of you .. as you can see ... Penn got a kick outta that

Then Darrell caught a nice 10 lb blue of his own