Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 16, 2016

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What a trip... I went out with my old friend Carl Conley and his lovely wife Mary. Sweetest lady I think there is or none could be more so but what made me say "What a Trip!!!" was their Grandkids. Lordy, You never heard such a high pitched squeel as what Brooke could administer. First time she did it a fish was placed in the dry livewell and started flopping ... she jumped up and squealed and my ear that I though I was totally deaf in I found out could hear certain pitches perfectly as it felt like an ice pick went through my deaf ear drum... lost equilibrium and had to hold onto the rod holder rack so I didn't fall over. I was like "WHAT WAS THAT!!!!!????" Then a little later Brooke asked how you could tell the difference between male and female blues ... I being me said ... "You look betwixt their legs" She promptly objected to that statement and hollered "fish don't got legs they got feathers!!!" hahahaha. We all knew she meant fins but she caught crap from Tiny over that one for the rest of the day .. I even renamed her "Feathers" a few times. Then a little later I hollered at Brooke and pointed behind her and said "HEY BROOKE THERE'S "NOT" ONE ON THAT ROD" while she was holding a fish up for her Jayden to take a picture of. The fish flooped at the same time I hollered and she let out one of those ear piercing squeals again ... funniest thing I ever seen and heard. Then later Jayden's turn to mess with Brooke she allowed there's a spider that just crawled in your jacket ... Brooke took that jacket off at warp speed and was holding it out away from her and tippy toeing at the same time like she was trying to dance the spider out of her jacket and Jayden over there squirming and giggling like she'd just won an Oscar for her performance and I ... in my calm soothing voice said Brooke ... Jayden was just messing with you ..... OH NO SHE WASN'T I HOLLERED ... THERE IT IS!!!!! and pointed .... SQUEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLL. hahahaha. I'll say it again .... "WHAT A TRIP!"

Brooke reeled in one that was the biggest fish I'd ever seen ... I was like ... that's gotta be a spoonbill ... no ... spoonbill don't have anal fins ... that can't be a blue .. it's too big ... you see ... she had the fish wrapped around it's tail like 5 or more times and I seen about what looked like 4 foot of fish but still couldn't see it's head and the girth on that thing was massive. I've seen quite a few 40 lb'rs come out of kaw but never one like this one she had on her line. Then  as Carl was trying to reach down far enough to get the net in front of it's head it swatted it's tail and snapped the line. Jayden also hooked one that made her scoot across the boat floor but then turned and came at her and she'd let it get slack then the next time she pulled on it the hook popped out it's mouth. What a trip!!!

Jayden with the first fish of the day

Brooke with her first fish of her life. I don't think it'll be her last

Carl and Jayden

Action shot of the one that got away