Keystone Catfishing March 17, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Dennis, James and Shannon today. Man what a great but tough day on the water. It was a real pleasure. James had the hot hand today with a 15+, 13+ and 10+. I forgot the exact weights and Shannon caught 3 nice fish with father Dennis catching the most with 4 that averaged right around 7 lbs each. The wind beat us up pretty good today and didn't lay until about 4pm or later ... we were confined to fishing the western side where we were protected from the wind and that's where James caught the bigger fish of the day. We were able to venture out into the middle of the lake after about 4pm where we caught 5 or 6 more fish to end up the day kind of late. I'd reset my fish finder to default settings and that set the clock back to standard time so I wasn't aware that we were out there so long. It was a real fun day though.

Shannon's first fish of the day

James' first fish of the day, 13+

James' second fish at 15+

James' third at 10.10

Dennis with a double he caught

Ten fish total for today.

This is another shot of James' bigguns, 15+ and 13+