Kaw Catfishing March 17, 2012

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Fished with Jeff Moore and company today ... had a great day catching over 45 fish but daggum if I can remember the weights on them so I just posted some of the photos ... lost count of the weights so this is what I got.

Jeff #2 with a nice blue

Jeff#2 and Jeff #1 along with David with a triple

Jeff #2

Keith with a nice fish

Keith and David in an action shot on a double

Keith with the real fish and David insultation with the scaley fish

Then David redeemed himself a couple of times so he was forgiven


Keith with a nice one on a double along with David's other redemption

Jeff #1 with a nice fish .. he don't look like he's having a very good time but he was.... hahaha

Keith with tbhe last nice one of the day