Keystone Catfishing March 19, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

I got to see something really special today. A grandfather and two grandsons out fishing with Tiny and it was really a great day on the water for me as well as for the boys and the proud grandpaw. DipChip2000 is his handle on the message board but his real name is Ron wanted to take his two grandsons out fishing for the day while spring break was on and did they ever get to catch some fish. 6 of the 14 they caught was over 10 lbs with several 7's in the bunch. The older of the two young men was Chris and the younger is Kaquhan (pronounce Kwan). These younguns went to the matt with these fish and came out on top on just about every fish that bit. There were some really special moments as well when one of the 8 lb fish hit and came running towards the boat real hard and Kaquhan was reeling reel fast when he caught up to him he was beside the boat and took off towards the back end and about sent Kaquhan to the floor of the boat sideways ... it was pretty wild to say the least. It was a short day today as we left pretty early. We might have gotten in about 4 hours fishing but we were at the point where I was going to have to clean fish and we got a few rain drops hitting us and Ron decided to call it a day as by the time I got the fish cleaned we'd probably be getting rained on so we headed in early. It never rained though ... just some real light sprinkles is all. This was a trip I'll remember for a long time and I'm thinking the younguns will remember it for a lifetime. It was one of those type of days for sure.
Kaquhan caught the first biggun at 10+

Kaquhan with another nice one.

Chris with his 11.11

Kaquhan with another good one

Kaquhan with his 12.0 fish

Chris with his 11.14

14 total