Keystone Catfishing March 19, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Monica, Travis, Dean and Amanda today. Started out kinda late as we met at the gravel parkin lot about 9:30 and went to catch shad and there was none to be had where I'd been catching them. I figured they'd went up river but I checked several spots up through there and gave up as I'd went the wrong way. They had to have went back towards the main part of the lake. I had 4 shad and some nightcrawlers as I figured that after this fresh rain we'd knock them out with nightcrawlers and we caught a few nice fish on them but Monica caught a carp and then we started using carp and caught more nice fish on that. Travis caught the first nice one on one of the shad we had at 17 lbs. Then we caught several more nice fish in that first spot and then moved up into a secondary channel and found some good fish and Dean caught a 19 lb'r on cut carp in that secondary channel and we lost a few pretty good ones there but we did alright as we had several 10 lb'rs and the 19 and 17. They released the bigguns and kept 10 or 11 that went from about 11 lbs on down to 4 or 5. Was a really fun day.

Travis with a 17+

Monica with a nice 10+

Dean with his 19+

Amanda with one of her's