Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 19, 2014

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Today I fished with Vincent, His wife Tara and their three sons , Antonio, Adrian, and Hondo. What a fun day with the kids. They were no strangers to sibling competition either hahaha. What a hoot... There was a double reeled in by Tara and Antonio and Adrian allowed that the biggun of the double was his hahaha. Then Antonio allowed that the biggun that Adrian had caught later was his ... not sure about the logic of said events but it was fun listening to them. hahaha. We ended up with over 350 lbs of fish today. I'm not sure how I got this web editor to work but it's working for the moment ... gonna try to catch up

First double of the day with dad Vincent helping hold Antonio's fish up with mother Tara holding hers up

Hondo in an action shot ... well ... there's not much action in this shot is there hahaha

Vincent with a nice one

Dad holding up Adrian's fish here

Biggun of the day at 22.4 lbs caught by Adrian and from left to right
Hondo, Adrian, Vincent and Antonio

Here's dad holding up Hondo's biggun of the day at 17.8 lbs