Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 19, 2015

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Fished with the Miller family today. Steve Sr., Steve Jr, Hayden and Son in law, Scott today. Had a great day catching just over 200 lbs of fish with the biggest being 32 lbs 4 oz caught by Steve Sr. I had a lot of fun messin with the boys today and almost got into a blackmail situnation as they were talkin bout their sister and she just happened to show up at KFC when we was sampling the cuisine. hahaha. Adam the OHP officer what went with them last time allowed that Tiny was getting a ticket every time he seen him from now on.. I don't know if they was tellin me a whopper but I think I'm going to go north then east then back south to get home from now on... what's 50 extra mile drive compared to all those tickets hahaha.

Steve Jr with the first nice one about 7 lbs

Scott with a nice one too

Steve Sr with a 32 lb 4 oz

Bros Steve and Hayden with a double