Keystone Catfishing March 21, 2007

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with Mark, his daughter Krista and his son Caleb today. What a tough day to be out on the lake. I'd forgotten my medicines at home and went out on some really nasty water today. Got home and the news allowed as how we got 30 and 40mph gusts today and it was every bit of that. The fishing would have been alright if I could fish the areas that I wanted (windblown areas) but it was way too rough out in those areas today. We even went over to the side of a big ole hill and it was still yet too rough there to stay very long. I had to bail out early on them as we'd only gotten in about 4 hours of fishing before I couldn't tolerate it any longer. It was a pretty nice day, fishing with nice folks always makes a good trip. we didn't even get to the 50 lb minimum. Ole tiny is a slippin big time. I told Mark that he didn't owe me anything due to not fishing the full time and short on the 50 lbs but he said no ... I'm payin ya for it. Tough day, good fun though. Caught a few gooderns in the process.

Caleb with a nice 10.6 lb blue.

Krista in a good action shot.

Krista with her 9.1 blue

Caleb got the biggest of the day with this chunky 15.13 lb bluecat.