Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 21, 2015

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Fished with James, Bruce, Jack and Travis today. Had a great day but was really tough with no wind. Back anchor was kickin my butt but we manages to catch over 300 lbs of fish with the biggest 38. 7oz  and several over 15 that were all released. CPR works as the last trip we caught a fish that I'd released 2 times before .. it's nice to see how they grow over the years. Not something most see the benefit in but it's pretty evident how well it preserves the fishery allowing those big fish to grow and produce more little ones,

Bruce and his 38 lb 7 oz blue .. biggun of the day. I couldn't decide which was the best photo so I posted both the first and second

3rd revision: Same fish as above. Different view.

James with a 16+

James with another nice one

These guys pulled right up in our lap. within about 80 yds of us when they seen we were catching fish
This is extremely unsportsmanlike behavior or even common courtesy as they parked right on top of two of my lines. Lund boat with two power poles.
You'd think that people would have a little more pride in themselves than this ... can't find their own fish so they have to rely on others
to put them on fish. It's getting old guys... I try to help people as much as I can with my articles and tips and then you treat me like this
I seen you were using my rigs so evidently you knew who I was and thus the reason for the encroachment. Give me a little more room next time guys.

Travis with his biggun of the day...he'd have done a lot better but he was helping us all net the fish all day
Thanks Travis