Keystone Catfishing March 22, 2012

Tiny's Guide Service

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Fished with the Kennedy family today, Rick, Denise, Dustin and Dustin's
runnin buddy Dillon. Had a really great day and lots of fun as these young men
were fighting back when ole Tiny as I was harassing them. It was a lot of fun. We
caught some really good quality fish out on Keystone today. Catching a 30 lb'r,
17 and 16 lb'rs. Along with several smaller fish. I told Rick that ole Dillon
and I look almost identical and it was almost like looking in a mirror when I
looked at him hahahaha ... I don't think Dillon knew exactly how to react to
that statement as I'm a lot better looking than he is ... hahaha. Just kiddin as
Dillon is a fine looking young man and I'd never compare myself to him .... well
yes I would because that's just how I roll... hahaha. As you an see by the photos below
Dillon is the spitting image of ole Tiny ..; hahaha...I guess I better quit else Dillin might
come to Drumright and whup up on me

Here's Dustin in an action shot
your's truly standing ready to lend hand

Dustin landed First nice fish of the day which was the action shot above

Dillon and Rick with a nice double... Dillon's fish was around 15 lb's or more

Dillon's biggest fish ever... a 30 lb bluecat

Denise in an action shot. She's the one that set this trip up for her hubby
his birthday present as he'd turned a year younger today

Dustin with another nice one

The birthday boy, Rick in an action shot

This is the nice blue that Rick reeled in on the action shot