Keystone Catfishing March 23, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

Happy Easter!!! Fished with the New Messicans again today, Rick and John. It was a tough day today. The fish were biting kinda funny and they'd let go real quick or they'd just come unglued after reeling them in a long ways ... ole Rick lost a biggun today .. I thought he was gonna need some therapy or something cause he was a little upset hahaha. It's okay Rick ... it just happens. Weather was on the cold side today with high winds and a high of 50 or so ... seemed a lot colder than that though. We did manage to catch some nice fish though. Cut shad was the bait we used, of course hahaha. I wanted to go ahead and stay out there longer for them since they'd drove so far and I'm off tomorrow but they also wanted to go down and fish at the dam today as well so we called it quits around 3:45 or so. I got done cleaning the fish about 4:45 so that was plenty of daylight left for them to get in several hours of fishing at the dam.

John with the first nice one of the day at 14+

Then just shortly after that one he caught this 20 lb'r

Rick with a 10.8 lb mississippi appaloosa new messican blanca