Keystone Catfishing March 23, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Bagby's today, along with their friend Mike and his son, Caleb. What a day! we caught between 250 to 280 lbs of fish ... maybe more, . 35 fish total with the two biggest at 26+ and 18+ and a 13 lb'r, We filled the livewell pretty quick and then had to just start throwing them in the floor of the boat. That made it a little extra hazardous with a slick floor in those high winds. The wind was murder. Gusts up to 40 mph and a solid 25 to 30 mph wind most of the day,Tough fishin on the Arkansas arm with winds that high but we managed it okay. Had to get out in the rough water to catch many fish but we braved the elements and persevered. adapted to the wind as best we could with extra floatation on our rigs to get them up out of the mud and worked those fish over. My man, Caleb, was reelin fish in like a pro too. He caught the second biggest of the day at 18+ and was a big help when I was cleaning fish ... he was pickin fish up off the floor and handing them to me so that I didn't have to bend down and pick them up. Thanks Caleb. all in all ... it was a great day even though the weather wasn't all that great.

Here's the first double of the day. Karl's 10+ and Mike's 26+

This 6 year old, Caleb caught this 18 lb'r
Nice goin Caleb, Yer dah maaaannn

Anne's 13+ that she caught
Caleb was heling her hold it up