Keystone Catfishing March 24, 2011

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Fished with Rick, Chris, Scott and Matt today. Oil field folks from what I gathered. Rick has been out with me a few times before and he took some of his client friends out for a day of fishing. Chris was sitting up front and the #1 pole wasn't thrown out and I hollered ... FISH-ON #1 CHRISSSSSS!!!!! never seen so much confusion in a five second span right then hahaha ... I had to mess with him though ... that feller went out this morning in low 30's weather with just shorts on and a couple of shirts ... that's him holding up the 8 lb blue there. Fishing was tough today with that low pressure hanging over our heads and a good stout east wind ... felt like I almost got skunked but we caught 20 fish all together. 22 if you count the two that were foul hooked. Had a lot of fun today ... laughin and cuttin up ... one of them thought it'd be funny to hang a chicken wing bone on one of my rods so I learnt um ... didn't throw that one out no more hahaha.

Chris with a nice 8+ blue