Keystone Catfishing March 25, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

I went out a little early this morning and got over to the lake and seen some 2 ft waves out there. Wind was terrible and it looked way too dangerous to go this morning so I called Brian and said "hey buddy ... can't do it today" and then I turned around and started back to the house and seen that the waves had calmed somewhat so I called him back and said "ya still wanna go" his reply was yes but we got out there and the shad were so scattered out that we didn't find any ... I think I caught about 6 shad but I had some nightcrawlers still in my cooler so I figured all was not lost ... I got tired of throwing the net so I hoped that we could catch some on nightcrawlers but didn't do too well with them. We ended up with 6 fish and two of them were over 10 lbs. Pat Evans was with them and their buddy Nate came too. Nate caught some but we didn't get a pic of him or Pat. Ole Brian missed a good one that just pulled down on the rod and when he picked it up he was gone but it blew up out there like it was a monster. If we'd have had some shad I think we'd have done a lot better as we caught most of the fish today on shad. one of the 10 lb'rs bit a nightcrawler though.