Tiny's Catfishing Photos March 2, 2017

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Fished with Jeff Moore and his kids Belinda and Keegan... was a rough morning looking for shad but we found some and while rigging up the rods I was kinda watching the fish finder and said there's a lot of nice fish in this area ... we were slowly drifting in the wind as the anchor was just down enough to keep the boat strait into the wind making it a little easier on the old back. but as we were moving along at about a tenth of a mile per hour I seen several nice ones. So after rods were rigged I asked if they wanted to try it here and Jeff said we're with you ... whatever you wanna do..so I said it won't hurt nuttin to try it so I let the anchor out far enough so that it'd hold.. we sat there for about 10 minutes after I got the rods out and then I'm starting to think "spoonbill" but then Belinda caught a blue about 6lbs then just a little later caught one that went 40lbs 3 oz.... so we're waiting and I said okay ... 5 minute countdown .... then about two minutes into the countdown Keegan lands a 40 lb'r and while he's reeling it in Belinda gets one close to 15 lbs.... little bit after that one of the crew starts feeling ill so we had to pack it in