Keystone Catfishing March 27, 2010

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Fished with one of my favorite fishin buddys today, Carley G. She's one fine fisherperson and a lot of fun. Just to hear her laugh makes me giggle too. hahaha. Anyhow ... we caught 13 fish today... most of them before noon but something happened around noon that kinda shut them down. The wind shifted out of the southwest right at noon and the fish just quit on us. Before that we were knocking them out pretty good. Water temp is 52 by the time we left today. It was so windy today that we couldn't tell if we were getting a bite unless the fish went straight away from the boat. Any other direction and we couldn't see them hit as we were fishing in about 25 to 30 mph winds all day and having to stay close to the south side of the lake so the waves weren't too bad. kinda limiting on the area we could fish though.

Carley's first fish of the day at about 5.5 lbs

Serena's first fish of the day at about 6 lbs

Serena got this nice 15 lb blue

Then Carley got her a 15 lb'r too