Keystone Catfishing March 30, 2009

Tiny's Guide Service

Fished with the Kazarr family today. Had a great time with these ones. Robert and his Twin sons, Bruce and Brian and their boys Gavin and Kobe. These boys were good sports about the water spraying all over them when the front of the boat would hit a wave. They'd laugh and carry on every time a wave splashed over the boat ... They were enjoying that a lot more than I was. It was funny though. When we were headed out I told them they needed their rain gear on .. Robert asked if it was gonna rain ... I said it might as well cause we're gonna get wet out there with all this wind. hahaha

It was rough out there today. Windy would put it mildly as we couldn't get the anchor to hold just anywhere ... we got on some fish and threw the rods out just to have to reel them back in and go somewhere else to get in a protected area so the anchor would hold ... we coulda sacked the fish up today with that fresh water running into the lake if we coulda anchored and held. found some fish on one spot and caught one before the 3rd rod was set out and then started noticing that we were moving pretty fast even though both 30 lb river anchors were out. We ended up finding a good number of fish where we could hold though and caught some nice ones. We caught 12 to 14 fish today with lots of them around 7 lbs and two over 15 lbs with a few smaller fish in the mix ... didn't count them when I cleaned them as I had to clean them after we got about half way to the boat ramp due to the wind gonna hammer me at the boat ramp so I found a protected cove on the way in and done it there.

Gavin with his 16+ bluecat

I think this is the same fish as the top photo but it don't look the same

Kobe with his 17+ blue