March 27, 2004 Keystone Dam Catfishing

My old friend Nathan and his family was down at the dam today .. his son came up from San Antonio along with uncles and cousins and Nathan's brother Bob Chris and Tom came down fishing and Vernon "wolfman" palmer also showed up ... I didn't get a chance to throw out but about 4 or 5 times but did manage to get Nathan Jr. hooked up with a nice blue about 11 lbs ... had a great day but not much fishin ... my leg started hurtin really bad so I decided to go home. Marvin and Ed was down there too Nate Jr. with about an 11 lb bluecat. Nice catch Nate. Chris was in the background there grinnin cause I was tryin to get nate to smile by threatening to show him my butt but that was the best I could get outta him ... chris was laughin cause I was makin him hold it up so long I think.