May 02, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

Had a great day with this father and son team. We started off kinda rough as the shad seemed to be gone from the lake. I had some nightcrawlers and bluegill so after looking for quite a while for shad I decided to go see if we could locate some fish ... about all we found was smaller sized fish with a few 4 to 7 lb'rs. I didn't have any bird help so it was tough ... all that water and had to fall back on previous knowledge of the lake. So, we went and located some shad and went back and ... tried some ledges and structure but nothing really panned out until we went west of where we'd stopped the first rounds and we found a lot of fish just a few yds west of where we'd originally went. we caught two limits of fish (30) and they probably averaged about 5 lbs total or better we had a truck load of fish in the boat when we called it quits. Biggest fish of the day was a 20 lb'r that Mike hauled in. His father Larry was ahead by a good margine until he boated the 20. Larry also got a 12 and one around 9 or 10 and a few 7's. We caught a bunch around 2 lbs that we turned back. It was a really fun day.

I had me a little mishap today. I was buzzin through some debris on top of the water and there was this one log that was kinda submerged that I didn't see out on the edge and it was a pretty big one ... mangled my prop pretty badly. Anyone know a prop refixer upper? It had a pretty good dog ear bend in one and I tried to straighten it out when I got home and it snapped off. I'm gonna try to run it like that but I think I need to get me a tougher prop. Maybe stainless or German Steel might work better. I've gotten quite a few comments about how nice my prop looked as it's been through a lot. I know what I need ... I need me a real sponsor hahaha. A PROP SPONSOR!

Mike with his 20 lb'r. His father, Larry to the right.