Keystone Catfishing May 2, 2008

Tiny's Guide Service

JS, Kenny, and Ed fished with me today. What a great bunch. We had plenty of wind today and hooked a really biggun today ... probably 2000 lb'r ... I'm not kiddin ... that's two thousand pounder and it broke the rod holder plum in two and I lost the new Hawg Seeker rod and reel. The 2000 lb'r was my boat prop. We lost our hold on the anchor so I hadda start my motor up to keep us from plowing into some trees and it wrapped my 65 lb power pro around the prop and the rod bent down hard. JS reached for it right about the time it broke the rod holder off. I was heart broken ... I thought a fish had done it which woulda made for a good story as that happened once before but I got my rod and holder back but I didn't get this one back. it wrapped all the power pro up around my prop and probably broke the rod tip off anyhow but we cut the line off the prop when we got back to the boat ramp. We had a really good day otherwise. The fishing was pretty good as we caught some gooderns. first fish in the boat was a little dink and then the next was a 16 lb 11 oz. the next one was a 13 lb 8 oz and several in the 5 to 8 lb range. With one little flathead that put up a really nice tussle with ole Kenny. Kenny allowed that his flathead was the equivalent of JS' 16 lb'r hahaha cause it fought a lot harder. hahaha. These were really great guys and JS was really feeling bad that we'd lost that rod and offered to pay for it and all that and I said it weren't yer fault ... hadda keep tellin him that ... ain't yer fault cause you didn't cause this wind to blow like this. We also got beat pretty badly on the boat ride back to prairie view ramp and JS and Kenny were having a blast up there bouncing around ... I mean they were like two kids on an amusement ride ... laughin and high fivin each other ... seemed like the bigger the wave the more fun they were having ... I don't think Ed and I were having nearly as good of a time with it as it was jarring me plum to my eye teeth ... JS and Kenny ended up in the floor of the boat just laughin and carrying on ... I thought they were crazy hahaha. when we were done fishin we all headed out and they stopped by the Sonic and I pulled in just a little after and ordered me a couple of burgers as I was starving and Ed got out and came over and handed me another tip. Allowed again how they'd had such a great time and they'd already tipped me before we ever started this morning. Ed said that this was the best guided trip he'd ever been on as did Kenny and JS but as Ed was walking back to his vehicle I kinda grinned and watched Ed as he was walking back and thought that it's sure a great feeling to have someone appreciate ya like that. Thanks Guys. It was great.

JS with the biggun of the day at 16.11

13.8 lb'r
from left to right, Kenny, JS, and their dad, Ed.

Kenny with another nice one at 8+

Kenny with a 10+ flathead

Ed with one of his fish ... he caught a lot bigger fish but we didn't get a pic of that one