Tiny's Catfishing May 2, 2015

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Fished with Jacob, Zack, Darrell and his son Jarrett today. Had a great day ... We had some encroachers try to get around in front of us but we managed to get the rods reeled in and cut them off before they made it around us... it's getting to be a nightmare dealing with these rascals following me around and getting in my lap while out with friends. I've decided to fight fire with fire and do some things I hadn't thought of like not update my pictures page immediately and my bookings page so that folks can't plan their trips to go out when I go out so that they can follow me around and make my life miserable. On this trip several folks asked my friends where the caught the fish and then I got to thinking that maybe they're doing that on every trip.... need to get the folks to not divulge that info so that I can go back a few times on following trips so that it'll make my life a little easier and I won't have to locate totally new groups of fish just every time I go out. We found lots of fish up in one area and it only took a few days for word to spread and some to see me up in there before it's totally fished out when I coulda returned 10 trips or more before it was fished out...  Folks waiting for me to leave it and then others who dont wait hahaha. Someone emailed me just now wanting me to exploit someone's bashful bladder and tell the story of how this person actually had to bail off in the water to relieve himself but I ain't gonna did that. I felt sorry for him all day not being able to take care of his bidness. No need to rub it in... is there! He tried several times and several techniques but nothing worked very good... I'd hate to be in that predicament.

Action shot on a triple

Zack and a nice one

Jarrett with a nice one

Darrell with the biggun of the day at close to 20 lbs

Jacob with a nice one


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