May 04, 2006 Keystone Lake Catfishing Pictures

Tiny's Guide Service

I need to make a statement here, You guys that are following me around need to stop ... it's getting a little crazy out there and two guys intentionally tried to ruin our fishing today by driving right over my lines all the way around my boat and I'm still steaming about it as I'm writing this page. It ain't even funny no more .. That's very bad sportsmanship. These guys came over and fished by us and then after a little while they headed right straigt for us and went over all Jason's lines and this is like 20 yds from my boat they were going around then they go around the front and I throw my hands up like "what are you guys doin?!!!" then I holler "WHAT THE @*#*%^@ ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE RUNNING OVER MY LINES!!!!" he sez well they're on bottom aren't they ... I said they're on floats but I'm not sure what that mattered ... he had the whole lake he coulda circled around but these guys made their circle around me within about 20 yds of my boat and I casted some of my lines probably over 40 yards. I think next time this happens I'm gonna reciprocate. I hate to even say anything on here but this stuff is getting rediculous.

I fished with Ronnie and Jason from Tulsa. We had a good time but I was getting kind of discouraged thinking that the fish are shut down due to the front. I told my buddy shawn that those fish probably won't be in that spot saturday but I thought maybe they'd be there just two days later but they were all gone so I was talking about checking this one spot over here that we checked the other day sayin that they should be up in there pretty soon but we checked it on the 2nd and they weren't there but they were there today. Just before those blankity blanks went around our boat Ronnie got a good one to hit on a bluegill head just about 20 to 25 yds out and I changed the hook to a bigger circle (12/0) wide gap to throw another big bluegill head out there because that one that hit him and we missed was a nice one ... it was in 6 to 7 ft of water and it beaver slapped the water when it nailed that first head. I was trying to get them a bigger fish as we'd caught plenty between 2 to 10 lbs ... lots of 7ish fish in that bunch too so I was trying to get them a biggun to cap off the fishing trip with and a biggun hit but we don't know how big it was ... I don't think he ever got hooked ... I think he was just hanging onto that head and let go and that 8/0 gamakatsu never got positioned right. We got rained on but Jason had an emergency pancho (trashbag with holes in it) and I had two ponchos so we made it through the rain pretty well. Then when almost all hope was gone that last spot paid off big time ... we caught all the fish in that one little hole. We were having a good time until my Entourage showed up. hahaha.

Ronnie and Jason with a double

Ronnie with the biggest of the day 10 lbs 13 oz

20 fish total